Äntligen Umeå Smakpromenad igen

Finally Umeå Taste Walk again

About a year ago, in February 2020, Umeå Smakpromenad was held for the first time. It was a success with 300 participants who visited 10 of Umeå's restaurants. The plans started immediately afterwards, we have to do this again! The idea was to start in April to...

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Outdoor food class

We like to do things together. Now we will collaborate with Cecilia who runs Eco Camp here in Umeå. How fun! Eco Camp wants to get more people to discover our fantastic nature, do small adventures outside and teach more about nature and how to cook good food outdoors, for example. Eco ...

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Lunch vid älven

Lunch by the river

Having lunch on a sunny day on Tonka Strandgatan, right by the Ume River, is almost like sitting on an outdoor terrace during the summer. Large windows with light and nice views are very nice to enjoy, especially during this dark winter. This summer is ...

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Ute är det nya inne

Outside, is the new inside

När vi inte ska samlas inomhus och umgås går det att samlas utomhus, där är det dessutom mycket enklare att hålla distans. En promenad med vännen längs älven och en kopp termoskaffe på en bänk, en sprakande eld vid en grillplats med en annan familj eller fira farfars...

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Ramen i Umeå

Ramen in Umeå

Ramen! A really well-made ramen is one of the best things I know and perfect during the cold season. Until a year or so ago, we did not have a good ramen bar in Umeå. There are some sushi places that have ramen and then there is noodle soup at some Asian ...

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Iscider från Brännland Cider

Ice cider from Brännland Cider

Have you tried ice cider from Umeå? Brännland Cider produces cider and ice cider, my favorites are the barrel-aged ice cider or the Claim ice cider. Both are good to drink as they are. Claim is slightly lighter and fits perfectly as an aperitif with a large piece of ice in the glass or ...

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Sikrom från Gamla Salteriet

Whitefish roe from Obbola

Recently, there was a sik rum premiere at Gamla Salteriet in Obbola. Early in the autumn, the rum grains are the smallest and according to many, the white rum is now most similar to the rum. The rum grains then get bigger and bigger, what is tastiest is probably most taste and liking but it is exciting ...

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Bästa våfflorna finns i Brännland

You get the best waffles in Brännland

Waffles are some of the best "fika" I know. Fika and lunch in perfect combination. Good in the mountains, where it is kind of a necessity, but it is very good here on the coast as well. But to eat waffles, I think you should go out of town. Preferably to a place surrounded by beautiful nature.

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