You get the best waffles in Brännland

07 October, 2020

Waffles are some of the best "fika" I know. Fika and lunch in perfect combination. Good in the mountains, where it is kind of a necessity, but it is very good here on the coast as well. But to eat waffles, I think you should go out of town. Preferably to a place surrounded by beautiful nature.

I have found such a place just a few kilometers outside Umeå, namely in Brännland. You get here by bike or car. Take the opportunity to go for a walk in the surroundings, there is for example a nice path down to the Ume River where you can look at giant pots and sit on a rock right next to the river and listen to the roaring water.

Brännlands Wärdshus is a perfect excursion destination and their waffles are king. Crispy and large, choose between cloudberry jam or blueberry jam, the cream is creamy (what do they do with it?) And not too hard whipped, a mistake many waffle places makes. In summer you sit outside in their garden and in winter indoors in the big house in front of the fire.

Here is info about opening hours etc:


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