About us

forfoodies.se is an event company that creates experiences and activities with food and drink in focus

We who are behind forfoodies.se have our background in events, advertising and marketing and in recent years we have focused more and more on taste experiences - which are often an important part of all meetings and events.

Umeå Food Festival we have both created ourselves and are organizers of since 2014. We are also proud creators of Umeå Taste Walk and Örnsköldsvik Taste Walk and has, among other things, been honored to be responsible for food and drink during the EU summit in Umeå 2019 and event agency for Swedish Workshop 2018, an event for the tourism industry initiated by Visit Sweden.

But we also do a lot of smaller events for companies that want to meet in a nice context and have a taste experience together. We are happy to help set up the conference or company party with good food and drinks - in our own, the company's or another premises in the local area. Read more here: Custom event

Sustainability is very important to us and we strive for all our events to be as sustainable as possible. For us, it is, for example, about using local food, inspiring to use food in season, spreading good food culture, recycling everything that is possible, thinking beforehand when it comes to consuming disposable items, offering our fine tap water instead of purchased bottled water and collaborating with local companies that, in addition to providing both products and services, help us become even better. Feel free to read more: Umeå Food Festival how we work with sustainability on festivals like Umeå Food Festival.

Here, at forfoodies.se you will find food walks, cooking classes, drink tastings and other events with food and drinks for which you can buy tickets. Sometimes we arrange ourselves and sometimes we collaborate with others. If you have your own idea that you think fits in and that you want help to implement - or sell tickets to - contact us at: info(at)forfoodies.se

We're located on The old carpentry on the island Ön in Umeå. We have our office here and plan to eventually create a place for meetings and parties that we organize ourselves (but not renting out the place). Until then, it is our base and we also have a photo studio for e.g. recipe photography and a broadcast studio for digital meetings and conferences.