Risotto och smörstekt sockerkaka

Risotto and butter-fried sponge cake

Food cooked outdoors is something really special! We prepare for the autumn's business activities by trying out different dishes to cook outdoors that work for both smaller and larger groups. One of the dishes is risotto cooked from scratch on our large wok with ...

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Lite äventyr hemma

Adventure at home

An adventure out there does not have to be so planned. It can happen right in front of your nose without you thinking that it is even an adventure until afterwards. For example, making a fire in a barbecue basket in the yard and cooking some good food. If you do not have your own garden, there is...

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Vintermys i en skogsglänta

Winter cozy in the forest

Yesterday we were photographing for this website and also an upcoming campaign for our services. We chose Kont, a nature reserve a few miles outside Umeå. The day before it had been stormy and rainy, one of the worst storms in many years.

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A blog for foodies by a foodie who loves good food and drinks

Anna Hållsten is one of the founders of Umeå Smakfestival and Umeå Smakpromenad. She is an entrepreneur in marketing and events with a focus on food and drinks. Trained sommelier and market economist. Will here in the blog share the favorite places, favorite drinks and favorite food.

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