Outdoor food class

10 December, 2020

We like good collaborations. Now we will collaborate with Cecilia who runs Eco Camp here in Umeå. How fun! Eco Camp wants to get more people to discover our fantastic nature, do small adventures outside and learn more about both nature and how to cook good food outdoors, for example.

A lot of people will probably get a outdoor kitchen as a Christmas gift. We also believe that many already have some kind of outdoor kitchen lying in some closet or basement. Then it's time to start using it!

Staying outside, hiking, skiing or just enjoy nature - it's great no matter the weather or season. To also cook something good will be an extra experience. The cooking class we are going to have aims for more people to be inspired to take the kitchen out and cook something a little more fun than freeze-dried or grilling sausages (but of course, grilled sausages always work). And the idea is to show that it does not have to be so advanced, it can just as easily be leftovers from yesterday that get new life - or it will be a completely new exciting dish.

Cecilia will inspire, show, tell concrete tips and everyone will be able to prepare and cook a dish in their own outdoor kitchen. This is how you learn best - and it is also very good during the pandemic that you only use your own stuff. All groups have a maximum of 8 participants right now so the course is carried out according to all the recommendations that apply - and we are outdoors.

We hope that the courses will be appreciated and that a lot of people will go out into nature and cook. So worth it!


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