Outside, is the new inside

16 November, 2020

When we are not going to gather indoors and socialize, it is possible to gather outdoors, where it is also much easier to keep our distance. A walk with a friend along the river and a cup of thermal coffee on a bench, a crackling fire at a barbecue area with another family or celebrating grandfather's 70th birthday with mulled wine mingle in the garden - can some garden chairs be picked up? Here in the north, we dress for the weather, so we should do that even now and not stop hanging out. As long as we think a little smart and do not spread any virus of course.

And if you do not make the coffee and the sandwich yourself, there are many cafés that are happy to be in service. "Take away" is available from everyone and the cafés are getting better and better at offering more varieties of takeaway food.

On Visit Umeå's website there are excursion tips and suggestions for activities that can be done outside. Look there (link below) and then pack a thermos and go out in storms like fine weather!



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