Ice cider from Brännland Cider

15 October, 2020

Have you tried ice cider from Umeå? Brännland Cider produces cider and ice cider, my favorites are the barrel-aged ice cider or the Claim ice cider. Both are good to drink as they are.

Claim is slightly lighter and is excellent as an aperitif with a large piece of ice in the glass or as a base for various drinks. Is also super good for aged cheese or desserts, preferably with apples, pears or plums. In the picture an apple galette which is a perfect taste buddy for Claim. But a little more caramel sauce will be yummy!

The cask-aged ice cider has hints of nuts, crackers and ripe apples and is super good as an after-meal drink (instead of a whiskey or brandy), for desserts with slightly stronger flavors, such as walnut pie or apple desserts with roasted nuts or almond paste, but also for blue cheese .

All apples in the production are Swedish and the must ferments and overwinters (freezes to ice cider) in Västerbotten. The company has also planted apple trees in northern Sweden in order to eventually be able to support themselves with the apple raw material.

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