Ramen in Umeå

26 October, 2020

Ramen! A really well-made ramen is one of the best I know and perfect during the cold season.

Until a year or so ago, we did not have a good ramen bar in Umeå. There are some sushi places that serve ramen soup and then there is noodle soup at some Asian restaurants but no "real" ramen with full flavor. Here it is as real as it can get (at least it tastes that way).

Noodle soup, as the ramen is, is found in many Asian countries. The Japanese ramen is often with super good broth that has been boiled for hours, made from fish or meat, with miso and soy. Ramen noodles are thin and made from wheat. An advantage of these noodles is that they do not get sticky in the soup, they retain their consistency for a long time. The soup is usually topped with vegetables and / or meat and eggs, sesame, chili and green onions.

At Ramen Café on Rådhustorget in the middle of Umeå, there are several different ramen soups to choose from. My favorite is called Spicy Tantan and is made on pork broth with sesame and peanuts as a base and served with pork, chili, green onions, sesame seeds and eggs. Really good! There is also good gyoza (fried dumplings) that are often eaten with ramen in Japan. Worth a visit!

Ramen Kafé


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