Iscider från Brännland Cider

Ice cider from Brännland Cider

Have you tried ice cider from Umeå? Brännland Cider produces cider and ice cider, my favorites are the barrel-aged ice cider or the Claim ice cider. Both are good to drink as they are. Claim is slightly lighter and fits perfectly as an aperitif with a large piece of ice in the glass or ...

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Bästa våfflorna finns i Brännland

You get the best waffles in Brännland

Waffles are some of the best "fika" I know. Fika and lunch in perfect combination. Good in the mountains, where it is kind of a necessity, but it is very good here on the coast as well. But to eat waffles, I think you should go out of town. Preferably to a place surrounded by beautiful nature.

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