Questions and answers
Inlösen av presentkort

Har du ett presentkort du vill nyttja? I det mail du fick i samband med köpet finns en kod som du uppger när du bokar.

Är värdet på presentkortet högre än beloppet du handlar för finns återstående belopp kvar att nyttja vid nästa köp så länge giltighetstiden inte passerats.

Behöver du starta om processen för att något inte verkar fungera, klicka på varukorgen uppe till höger på sidan så ser du om biljetterna fortfarande syns där, då kan du börja om ifall något gick snett under bokningen. Biljetterna finns tillgängliga i ca 9 minuter, därefter måste du återigen boka så de hamnar i din varukorg.

Besvärligt? Om något inte fungerar som det ska eller om det känns för krångligt så hjälper vi gärna till med bokningen! Maila info(at) uppge vad du vill boka, ditt presentkortsnummer/kod, namn och mobilnummer så kan vi göra en manuell bokning istället.

Obs! Vi har haft vissa problem med att koderna inte fungerat under hösten -22 pga att vi bytt presentkortssystem – kontakta oss på info(at) så hjälper vi till och gör en manuell bokning istället. Då går det att betala mellanskillnaden via Swish.

I have become ill, what do I do with the ticket?

The ticket is not personal so you can give it away or sell it to someone else. Forward the email with the confirmation and the ticket link to the person who will have the ticket, that it says your name does not matter. The ticket is valid for the number of people shown on the ticket. 

Can you request a special diet on a Taste Walk?

We do not guarantee that the restaurants or places you visit can offer special diets, such as vegan flavors, gluten-free or, for example, a new dish for certain types of allergies. However, they are often willing to do everything they can to make the guests happy, so ask the staff. For example, a vegan alternative is usually offered by most people. We also plan to do different types of tasting walks eventually, such as a vegan tour, so stay tuned! 

If the restaurant is full when I get there, what do I do then?

We distribute all participants evenly in the restaurants and everyone goes in the order that applies to the ticket to avoid congestion and queues. If it still gets full in some place, then take a trip to the next place for so long and come back a little later. Then it is of course ok to deviate from the turn row assigned. We do not guarantee a place in the various places, but during the walk you will have time to visit all the places. 


There will be an additional person in the party, can I add an extra ticket to the same booking?

Make a completely new order and give the login link to the extra person. If you want us to make sure that you go in the same queue between the restaurants, email us info (@) with your respective booking numbers and we will pair your tickets.

Can I cancel my order and get my money back?

Unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to offer cancellation of our tickets, however, they are not personal so it is possible to give away or resell. Forward the email with the ticket link you received when you booked to the person who will go instead. The ticket shows how many participants it applies to.

Our complete terms and conditions for ticket purchases are available when you buy and pay for the ticket and via this link: Terms

I do not have a smartphone, what do I do with the ticket?

Does anyone else in the party have a smartphone? Forward the link you received at the ticket purchase to them and the tickets will be visible on their mobile instead. When booking groups, paper tickets may in some cases apply, in which case it is agreed at the time of purchase. 
If no one in the party has a smartphone - contact us and we will try to find a solution.

How do I get my ticket and why do I have to have a smartphone to handle the ticket?

Vi har skapat ett helt nytt system som bygger på att deltagaren har biljetten eller biljetterna i mobilen och slipper hantera utskrifter, ta sig till en viss plats för att hämta biljetter i förväg eller ha koll på bokningsnummer etc.

We have created a completely new system based on the participant having the ticket or tickets in the mobile and not having to handle printouts, get to a certain place to pick up tickets in advance or keep track of booking numbers etc. You will receive an email and a text message with a link when you bought and paid for the ticket, that link leads you to the ticket (which usually consists of a number of coupons) which is then displayed and checked off by the staff at the restaurant / place you visit. This way, the restaurant does not have to keep track of booking lists and tick off the people on the list or handle any other information about the participants at all. Therefore, all ticket handling takes place via mobile.

As most tickets are sold well in advance when all seats are not ready yet, you will not see which stops or addresses are included on your tour until closer to the event. At the latest on the event day, you will see all stops (and thus coupons, see the picture below) plus a map with all stops marked so you can get there.

• To receive your ticket in an SMS, you need to enter your telephone number in international format: +46701234567
• You always get your ticket sent to your e-mail address

Is all information about me stored with you?
We store the information we need to be able to give the buyer the information needed before the event, such as the taste walk, and to be able to get in touch if a problem arises. We do not save any information to advertise upcoming events unless this has been approved. No third party will have access to the data either. Full conditions are available where the ticket is booked and paid for and via this link: Terms and conditions
Do you have to go together in the party?

If you have bought a joint ticket, the whole party must go together to be able to use the tickets / coupons at each place. If you want to give away, for example, a taste walk as a gift to several different people who will not go together, it is better to make individual orders, then each person, or company, gets their own link that leads to the ticket / tickets. If you choose to go together anyway, that's no problem!

General terms and privacy policy
How long can you stay in each place? Can you go in any order you want?

You go in the tour shown in your ticket but stay as long as you want in each place. In some places you may want to have something good to drink with the food and in some places the food may be served in the bar and you take the tasting portion with you in hand and move on immediately. The most important thing is that you have time to visit all the places during the times stated in the ticket. When the time that elapses from the ticket is over, the restaurants can no longer offer a place or serve any tasting portions. If you want to stay longer at the restaurant - ask the staff if it is possible to make a separate booking.

Do you sell gift cards?

Ja! Det är ju en superbra present! Välj Presentkort bland Events (längst ned på startsidan eller under fliken Events), fyll i belopp, mail till den som ska få presentkortet (eller din egen mailadress om du vill kunna ge bort presentkortet vid senare tillfälle), gå till kassan och betala. Du får sen ett mail med en kod som du använder vid betalning. Alternativt får mottagaren mailet med koden som gäller för köp på Oavsett får du en bekräftelse från Payson på att betalningen gått igenom.

Obs! Tänk på att meddela den som får presentkortet att de själva måste ha koll på vilka aktiviteter det finns att boka på och när deras presentkort löper ut. Många av våra aktiviteter säljs slut ganska fort och det är alltid innehavaren av presentkortet som är ansvarig för att boka något innan sista datum passerat. Och aktiviteten kan såklart ske efter presentkortets giltighetstid, det är bokningen som måste ske innan sista datum.

Vill man ha extra bra koll på när det finns nyheter på gång att boka är det enklaste att följa på Facebook – där berättar vi alltid så snart det finns nya biljetter och aktiviteter!

I want to give a class as a gift, how?

Place an order as usual and provide your own contact information as you are the buyer. Then you will receive a confirmation email and a link to the ticket that will be displayed on your mobile at the start of the course. You can send the email to the person who will receive the course so that the right person has access to the ticket. Please note that the printout of the booking does not apply as a ticket, so it is the mobile ticket that applies. If you have any questions about this, contact us at!

Here is a gift certificate you can print out and enter information about the taste experience you give away: Gift certificate

Please note that the gift certificate is not valid as a ticket. It is always the buyer who is responsible for the participant receiving the ticket that is emailed as a link in the confirmation of the purchase at Easy to email further. It is also the buyer's responsibility that the person who received the ticket took part in what a taste walk or, for example, a course entails, but the most important information can be seen in the ticket. If you have booked a ticket for several participants, such as yourself and the person you are giving the gift to, you use the same ticket. Number of people is always on the ticket.

Different dietary wishes or allergies

Unfortunately, we can not adapt the taste walks to different dietary wishes or allergies. However, most places offer vegetarian options. Our tip is to talk to the staff when you come to each place and they will try to adapt the right to your wishes as best they can. But we as organizers leave no guarantee that the wishes can be fulfilled everywhere, it is simply too many participants for it to work.

We try to use raw materials that as many people as possible can eat when we design our courses. We often cook vegetarian food, we have it with fish or meat, it is served as an accessory, and if we use products with gluten and milk, for example, there are also accessories that you can choose from or give up.

I will give away a taste experience as a gift, do you have a nice gift certificate I can use?

Yes! We have produced a gift certificate that you can print out and then fill in the activity in question, date and time, etc. and then give it away. Please note that the gift certificate is not valid as a ticket! It is always the person who bought the ticket from us who is responsible for the ticket that comes in a link in the confirmation email from and via mobile if you have entered your mobile number with the prefix +46. Here you will find our gift certificate to print out: Gift Card

If you have booked a separate ticket for the person who will get the taste experience, the tip is to email the ticket to the recipient so that he or she has it in their mobile, this applies if the buyer does not participate in the experience. If you go together on a taste walk, for example, your tickets are collected from the buyer on a joint ticket. The ticket shows how many people it applies to.

How do I know which places we should visit on a taste walk?

In your ticket you will see which places we visit during the taste walk and in which order they are to be visited, you will also see a map with all the places marked and can click on it to get contact information for the restaurants. When you buy the ticket, you do not know which places are included, they vary with each taste walk so it will be a pleasant surprise. If you buy a ticket to Umeå Smakpromenad, for example, places within walking distance in the center of Umeå apply. The same applies in Övik. For example, if we do a tasting tour where a bicycle or car is required, it is clear when you buy the ticket what applies.

We usually add the restaurants to the ticket no later than the day before the taste walk so you can see which places are included and in which order you should go. Please note that the ticket is updated continuously and both which places are included and the order can be changed shortly after the walk, so always double-check the ticket before you start the walk so nothing has changed.

I have not received a ticket, how do I do it?

The ticket is always emailed to the email address you provided when booking, this is done in direct connection with the booking being made. You will receive an email from Payson, our payment provider (with your payment information) and one from us with sender info(at) The email from us contains a link that is your ticket. Click on it in the mobile and you have your ticket available in the mobile's browser.

If you have not received an email at all, the first tip is to check in your rubbish bin. If it is not there, send another email info(at) then we check that your booking has gone through and can in that case send a new ticket or help solve any problems.

If you have given your mobile number in international format with +46 (or other country code, according to instructions, but we know that many people miss this), you will also receive your ticket as an SMS. If you missed +46 in the phone number, you will not receive an SMS, but then you still have your ticket in email form, works just as well.

I'm in a wheelchair, can I take part in a taste walk?

Of course! The restaurants are used to receiving wheelchair-bound guests, sometimes you may need to take another entrance or similar but most things can be solved. It is best to contact us in advance at, either already when booking the ticket or at least a few days before the walk. Then we probably know which places are included at this particular time and can go through the route and maybe redo it so it fits better. If any restaurant is too cramped or lacks an elevator etc, we will find a special solution. If you use a permobil, it can be good to double-check with all restaurants in advance - but regardless, get in touch and we will find a solution!

Restrictions and recommendations during the pandemic for Taste walks and other taste experience

The possible restrictions and recommendations that apply to restaurant visits also apply to a taste walk. This can change quickly and since we often sell tickets several months in advance, it is difficult to know what applies when it is time for your particular taste walk.

Of course, we follow all requests that come from the Swedish Public Health Agency. If, for example, vaccination passes become a requirement for visits to restaurants, a taste walk also applies. It will be the restaurants that handle this just as they do for other guests. It can also be about the maximum number per party or distance between the companies, etc. If you are unsure of what applies when it comes to your taste walk - email us info (at) and ask.

When it comes to other taste experiences, it depends a bit on what it is. If the activity takes place at a restaurant, the same rules apply as for regular restaurant visits. In the case of a cooking course, it counts as a general meeting and then other rules apply.

Regardless, we will make sure to follow all restrictions and recommendations that the Public Health Agency presents on its website Folkhälsomyndigheten and if you are unsure of what exactly applies to your booked activity when it's time, email us info (at)

Hur bokar man en smakpromenad, står ju att det är slutsålt? Har ni någon väntelista?

Om det inte finns kvar några biljetter till det datum du önskar – eller något annat datum heller – så är biljetterna helt enkelt slutsålda. Vi får många frågor om varför det står ”slut i lager” och det är ju för att biljetterna är slut. Följ oss på Facebook och/eller Instagram så ser du direkt när nya smakupplevelser dyker upp eller om det blir någon plats över till något datum.

Vi har tidigare haft en väntelista till olika smakpromenader men det har nu blivit för svårt att administrera när vi har så många olika aktiviteter. 

Vad serveras på en smakpromenad?

Under en smakpromenad får man prova på smårätter från medverkande restauranger, det kan vara ett tilltugg som äts med handen eller en rätt som serveras på tallrik. Restaurangen väljer själv vad de vill servera eftersom det ska prägla deras verksamhet och den mat de vanligtvis erbjuder. Det som serveras varierar mellan smakpromenaderna och ibland blir det t ex fisk på flera olika ställen eller det kan också erbjudas soppa på fler än ett ställe. Exakt samma rätt kommer inte att serveras på fler ställen men liknande rätter kan förekomma. 

En smakpromenad ska ses som ett sätt att prova goda smaker på flera olika ställen samma dag, ta chansen att upptäcka nya restauranger och deras specialiteter!

Läs gärna mer om specialkost i separat fråga.

Vi vill gå i samma turordning som ett annat sällskap, hur gör vi?

Inga problem! Maila info(at) senast en vecka innan aktiviteten och uppge följande:
-Namn på den som bokat resp biljett
-Bokningsnummer kopplade till namnen ovan
-Typ av aktivitet, t ex Övik Smakpromenad

När vi sedan gör fördelningen av biljetterna (oftast ett par dagar före aktiviteten men senast dagen före) ser vi till att ni går i samma turordning/grupp.

Kan vi ta med våra barn på en aktivitet?

Självklart är barn välkomna, däremot behöver de ha en egen biljett. Gäller det t ex en smakpromenad så köper ni biljetter som vanligt och de äter samma smakportioner som alla andra gör. Det som serveras varierar mycket så det är svårt att säga om barn brukar gilla maten eller inte, barn har ju olika smak precis som vuxna. Men vi upplever att barn ofta är nyfikna på att prova olika smaker så en smakpromenad är ju ett väldigt roligt tillfälle att testa olika sorters mat på nu när den serveras i små portioner!

Samma sak med kurser och andra aktiviter, barn är alltid välkomna men vi har inga separata barnbiljetter eller speciell mat anpassad för barn. 

PS. Mindre barn i barnvagn ser vi ganska ofta med sina föräldrar på smakpromenaderna, för det mesta finns det plats även för barnvagnen på restaurangerna men det är inget vi kan garantera på förhand. Men hittills har det gått bara bra!

If you have not found the answer to your question here, please contact us at info(at)