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29 March, 2021

In the past week we did a nice event for a company.

We started with coffee outside the restaurant Tonka on Strandgatan, then it was a half hour walk to our premises on the island. There, the grill master Michael Hansen waited with ready-made grills, then it was time to vegetarian grill class! The participants learned how to grill vegetables, what is suitable for grilling and what can be grilled directly on the charcoal bed. At the same time you made your own lunch, smart huh? Lots of tips were available, some vegetables, such as celeriac and cauliflower, had been prepared before but lace, tomato and a little more were grilled - and as an accompaniment to the green a really good sausage from Hansen. Then there was coffee at the fires before the participants walked back.

In the evening, the participants gathered in front of the computer instead. After lunch, everyone got a kit with ingredients for the evening's mocktail course (mocktail = non-alcoholic drink) with Tina Kondén from Tonka. Now all the kits were picked out and Tina was live from our studio in Ön. All participants mixed drinks in front of the screen, took part of Tina's tips and knowledge and had to ask questions in the chat. Great commitment tied the participants and a lot of good questions.

A really successful day, adapted to current restrictions. You can do nice things with your co-workers even now, we are happy to help!


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