The chef´s best outdoor lunch

Join us as the chef prepares a fantastic outdoor lunch while we learn the best tips about outdoor cooking. Lunch is taken outdoors or indoors, depending on wishes and/or the weather. The proposal is based on the lunch taking place at our own place, Regementsgården, in Umeå, but can it also be prepared at the company or perhaps at a barbecue in the forest?

Suitable for
The company that has a one-day conference and wants to eat an extra good and creative lunch, like to be inspired and learn something new from the chef and get to enjoy the fresh air outside. Also suitable for other types of groups, eg travel groups or associations.

From SEK 995/person excl. VAT for at least 20 participants. SEK 1,245/person incl. VAT. From SEK 765/person excl. VAT with at least 40 participants (SEK 965/person incl. VAT).

-Lunch. The price example refers to super tasty risotto with chanterelles, white wine, Västerbotten cheese and seasonal vegetables. Served with marinated grilled chicken fillets or grilled halloumi.
-Lunch prepared by on-site chef. Take the opportunity to share a lot of good tips and experiences about how to best cook outdoors!
-Fresh water, from Umeå, is always included
-Preparing, cleaning etc
- Venue hire and seating, inside or outside, depending on the weather and mood
- Host on site

Not included
-Drinks with food except water
-Coffee and dessert
See our Plus menu next to this

If the lunch is to be prepared at another location, costs may be added in the form of transport, construction, permits, etc. An outdoor lunch can also be adapted and laid out in the forest at a barbecue area, etc., then costs for transport (must be a passable road) and possibly permission from the landowner. Ask for a separate quote/proposal if any of this is desired!

Plus menu

Dessert and swedish coffee prepared on fire
Warm raspberry sugar cake with raspberry compote and caramel cream. Swedish coffee prepared over an open fire. Supplement: SEK 100/person excluding VAT.

Conference facilities
Before or after lunch, space for up to 70 people is available

Outside or inside, various competitions and challenges can of course be added to the lunch.

Ask for proposals and a separate quote for conference opportunities and/or activities!


"We hired when we were going to have a one-day conference and wanted to find a nice environment for the conference and also get an extra good food experience for lunch. They have a clear approach to sustainability when it comes to food and drink, which is also very important for Sweco. Being able to spend a lot of time outdoors is also nice during a conference!” Peter Järvholm, Sweco Umeå office manager