Food walk

A pleasant taste experience where we visit three different restaurants in the same evening, eat a smaller dish at each place and have a good time together. All restaurants can be reached by foot, but of course it is also possible to cycle or drive.

Suitable for
Groups of about 20 people who like restaurant visits and like to discover new places and flavors!

If there are more than 20 people, we create several groups, it can be for example 45 or 60 people, then you are divided into three groups and visit the restaurants in different order. Everyone can then come together at the end of the evening if desired for e.g. coffee and dessert - and of course to be able to compare the taste experiences!

From SEK 950/person excl. VAT for at least 20 participants. SEK 1250/person incl. VAT. 

-Planning of restaurant visits, we have a contact person before and during the tasting tour
-Visits to three different restaurants in central Umeå (or for example Örnsköldsvik)
-Three small/medium sized dishes, one at each restaurant

Not included
-Drinks with food
-Coffee and dessert
See our Plus menu next to this

Plus menu

Beverage pairing
We are happy to suggest good drinks that go with the food at the various restaurants, they can be pre-ordered so the company or group leader knows the exact cost and content, alternatively this can be chosen on the spot.

Coffee and dessert

Fits perfectly to add in the last place

The cost of the options is quoted separately