Umeå Smakpromenad 28/9

28 September | 
12:00 -

450 kr

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Taste walk with five stops at various eateries in central Umeå.

Take a walk in the center of Umeå and visit some of the city's nicest eateries. We make six stops. At each place you get a taste of something delicious and have the opportunity to buy a drink of your choice. Drinks are available both as non-alcoholic alternatives and, for example, wine and beer, often by the half glass.

Mobile ticket
When you have bought a ticket, you will immediately receive an email from with a link to your ticket. If you click on the link on your mobile, you will see your ticket with info, times and how many people it applies to. If you don't get a ticket, start by looking in the junk folder. If you entered your mobile number with +46 when booking, you will also be sent an SMS with confirmation and a ticket link. You will also receive an email with a receipt for the payment from Payson/Svea Bank and an invoice if you chose that payment option - but it does not count as a ticket. If you have lost your ticket or thrown away the email with the confirmation, it is also among your orders if you log in to your account at

Schedule and times
You visit each place according to a predetermined order that you see in your ticket at the latest the day before the event. You decide how long you stay at each place, but the tickets are only valid for the duration of the walk. Please note that the last course is therefore served at 15:30. If you want to stay in a restaurant after 4 pm, ask the staff if it is possible in view of the evening's bookings. Are you a group that wants to get together but have made different bookings? Fill out the form on our contact page with desired information no later than one week before the event, and we adapt your routes to each other. We cannot guarantee that requests that come in later will be fulfilled, but in that case the order of turn on the ticket applies.

What we eat and possible dietary requirements
The food varies and we hope you have a great experience on the tour! Sometimes it's something simple that can be eaten with your hands and sometimes it's something more cooked. If you want a vegetarian option, ask the staff, most places offer a vegetarian option. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that it is possible to adapt the taste portions to different allergies or other dietary requirements, but ask when you are there if the restaurant can adapt the dish and they will do it if they can.

Many guests in the same group?
Unfortunately, we cannot promise that everyone can sit at a common table if you are a larger group, this applies regardless of whether you have a joint ticket or book separate tickets. But of course the restaurant does what they can to place you as close to each other as possible! See also above how you can get a common route and the same turn order if you want to join another group.


Updated regularly. Current places and map are always on the ticket the day of the event.

Overview map


Updated regularly. Current places and map are always on the ticket the day of the event.


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