Social Smakmiddag i Övik 15/5

15 May | 
18:00 -

750 kr

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Smakmiddag i Örnsköldsvik med besök hos tre olika restauranger

Vi äter gott hos några av Örnsköldsviks trevligaste restauranger under en kväll. Under Smakmiddagen den 15 maj besöker vi The Chef, Linnéa & Peter och Statt. The guests are divided into three groups that visit a restaurant each before it is time to change to the next place. Dinner starts at 6 pm at the first restaurant shown in the ticket, where stops two and three are also shown. Every full hour, i.e. at 7 and 8 pm, you should have made it to the next place. At the last restaurant you can stay longer, where you are offered to buy coffee, avec and dessert.

Middle size meal at each place and optional drinks
Each restaurant offers a mid-course so you will be sufficiently full when you have visited all three places. The amount of food is in total equivalent to a starter + main course (a decent dinner). The food can be cold or hot, what is served varies. You buy your (own) drinks, each restaurant serves selected drinks that go with the food and there are wine, beer and non-alcoholic options.

Mobile ticket
When you have bought a ticket, you will receive an email from with a link to your ticket. If you can't find the email, start by checking the junk folder. If you have entered your mobile number with +46 when booking, you will also be sent an SMS with confirmation and a ticket link. If you can't find the email with the ticket link, it's also a good idea to log in to your account at and download the ticket there. If you click on the ticket link in your mobile, you will see your ticket with information about times, how many people it is valid for. Latest the day before the event you will see the order in which the restaurants are to be visited and a map to all the places.

Dietary requirements
We take into account any allergies or, for example, a vegetarian dietary request if you email us at: info(at) at least one week before the event.

Important! Follow the instructions in your ticket
Turordningen mellan restaurangerna får ni senast dagen före middagen. Alla deltagare fördelats i tre lika stora grupper som byter ställen samtidigt under kvällen så därför kan man inte avvika från sin grupp/turordning, då stämmer inte gruppstorleken och man riskerar att bli utan sittplats. Kika en extra gång i biljetten någon timme före middagen så inget ändrats i sista stund. Om ni gjort olika bokningar och wants to go together you have to email your request no later than a week before to info(at) We cannot accommodate groups larger than 4 people who want to share a table and you will probably have to share a table with other guests as well. That's part of the fun of a social dinner.


Updated regularly. Current places and map are always on the ticket the day of the event.

Overview map


Updated regularly. Current places and map are always on the ticket the day of the event.


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