Tasting tour in Vännäs-Tavelsjö 1/5

1 June | 
11:00 -

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Tasting tour in Vännäs-Tavelsjö and the surrounding area where we visit different places and taste something good at each one!

Enjoy taste experiences in our beautiful Västerbotten inland! Welcome to a tasting tour around Vännäs and Tavelsjö that we do in collaboration with Gold of Lapland and the project Smaka på Vindelälven, which involves the municipalities along the Vindelälven. You can see all tasting tours and also other tasting experiences we arrange here: Smakupplevelser

Tasting tour with your own car
In the area around Vännäs-Tavelsjö, we visit five different places this day and there is something good to eat at each place. You get between the places in your own car, start wherever you want and drive around at your own pace so you have time to visit everyone. You will find a map with all locations marked both here on the website and in your ticket you receive immediately after purchase. Feel free to take the opportunity to discover more of Norsjö, here you will find it Visit Umeå

The tasting tour runs between 11-16, so make sure you are at the last stop no later than 15:30 so you have time to get and eat your tasting portion. If you want to stay longer and the place is open even after the tasting tour, you can of course ask if it's ok!

What does tasting tour mean, what do we get to taste?
What we are offered varies between the places we visit, some dishes are perhaps served at seated tables with cutlery and some dishes are eaten standing outdoors and served in the hand. Regardless, you get a taste of something good to eat at each place and buy yourself drinks of your choice, it can be non-alcoholic, wine, beer or, for example, coffee. We do not accept dietary requirements on the tasting tours, but on the other hand there is always a vegetarian option to order on site.

Mobile ticket
When you have bought a ticket, you will receive an email from forfoodies.se with a link to your ticket. You show the ticket at each stop to get your taste portion of food, the staff then tick off the coupon in the ticket and mark it as used. If you can't find the email, start by checking the junk folder. If you have entered your mobile number with +46 when booking, you will also be sent an SMS with confirmation and a ticket link. It is also possible to log in to forfoodies.se with your email address on "My account" that you created when booking and download the ticket there. If you click on the ticket link in your mobile, you will see your ticket with information about times, places, map, how many people it applies to, etc.

About restrooms - and weather
If the weather is a bit rough, dress warmly and be ready with rain clothes and/or an umbrella. In some places we sit or stand outdoors and if there are many visitors at the same time, it is not certain that everyone can fit under the roof. Please bring a picnic blanket to sit on. Toilets cannot be offered in all places, a smaller farm shop does not have that option, but in all restaurants and cafes there are of course toilets.

Tour order and map etc
You choose the order in which you visit the various places, on our website (i.e. here where you book the ticket) you will see a list and map with the places participating in the tasting tour. You also have that information in your ticket. Click on the stops in the map and you will also see contact details for each place if you cannot find the right one. Just keep in mind that the staff may be busy serving all visitors so they may not have time to respond so quickly during the tasting tour times.



Updated regularly. Current places and map are always on the ticket the day of the event.

Overview map

Rödå Bröd & Spis

Rödånäs 13, Tavelsjö

Kontakt & mer information

Tavelsjö Wärdshus

Strandvägen 25, Tavelsjö

Kontakt & mer information

Slöjdarnas Kafé

Vännänget 3, Vännäs

Kontakt & mer information

Hotel Vännäs

Vegagatan 1, Vännäs

Kontakt & mer information

Sundlingska Gården

Sand 21, Tavelsjö

Kontakt & mer information


Updated regularly. Current places and map are always on the ticket the day of the event.


If you have any questions, feel free to take a look at our FAQ.