A tasty experience for your company

Are you eager to share an experience with your co-workers, association or other group? Get in touch with us and we will create a pleasant activity with food and drink just for you! We have conducted taste experiences for companies such as Norrmejerier, Sweco, Balticgruppen, Söderberg & Partners, Heimstaden, Trimma, Knightec, Visit Umeå and Tarkett. We are happy to create something fun for your company too!

Our event venues
We have two own event arenas in Umeå, partly the beautiful Regementsgården in the I20 area and partly we are building an event arena on Ön (the island next to Teg in Umeå), in the old "Snickeriet". There we have our office, digital broadcast studio, photo studio and soon a large room for various corporate events, conferences, dinners, cooking classes and other activities. We have large outdoor areas both at Regementsgården and at Snickeriet where we can arrange a variety of activities with food and drink in focus. 

Outdoor activities:
Outdoor cooking class
Barbeque class
Storm kitchen class (prepare for the hike or ski trip)
Served brunch, lunch or dinner outdoors
Own tasting walk or shorter tasting tour between restaurants in Umeå or Övik (for companies)

Can of course be combined with indoor activities or that we, for example, cook the food outside and eat inside.

Indoor activities
Dinners, everything from buffets to 3-course meals cooked over an open fire outdoors
Cocktail (or mocktail) class
Coffee tasting
Wine or beer tasting
Quiz with a focus on food and drink
Competitions and other activation
Dinner in combination with tastings, courses or other activities

Live from our digital studio:
(we prepare bags with ingredients)
Mocktail class (cocktail without alkohol)
Cheese tasting
Coffee tasting 
Beer tasting (buy your own beer at Systembolaget, we give you a list)
Cooking together (we cook at the same time)

More food events for businesses
We can create an experience with food and drink for smaller groups, larger groups, companies, parties, meetings and conferences. We can project manage all or parts of an event or conference. In addition to working with food and drink, we are used to creating and project managing creative meetings in different rooms and responsible for entertainment, technology, decor and staff. We have all the digital technology needed to broadcast a meeting live and we can also assist with documentation through filming, photography, etc.

We can also create your own specially adapted taste walk, be a part of your own event where we, for example, assist with food and drink - or thoughts about food and drink to create a whole and a theme that is connected with the meeting you arrange. And we are good at collaborating with others!

Get in touch with us via email: info(at)forfoodies.se or phone: +4670-6659803 and we will make a proposal!